Kina Karo aperitif drink 75cl


Alcohol content: 16%

Can be ordered by the bottle.

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logo-finalBe enchanted by the delicious Kina Karo aperitif drink 75cl!

Looking for a unique drink to enjoy your moments of relaxation? Look no further, the Kina Karo is here to brighten up your evenings.

With its unique recipe, which ingeniously blends 13 aromatic plants and peels such as bitter orange, red quinquina, cinnamon, rose..., the Kina Karo is a real tasty treat! Made from white wine, this aperitif drink has a bittersweet taste.

What is kina karo?

A secret recipe kept since 1928.

A 100% natural product, without colourings, artificial flavourings and preservatives.


- On the rocks: 5cl White Kina Karo, 2 ice cubes and a peel of yellow lemon.

- Long drink: 6cl White Kina Karo, 10cl Tonic, 2 ice cubes and a peel of yellow lemon.

- Spritz: 6cl white Kina Karo, 10cl bubbles, a splash of sparkling water, 3 ice cubes and a slice of orange.


Origin Kina Karo wine aperitif 75cl:

In 1928, Kina Karo originated in the village of Fabrezan in the Aude. André Carreau devised a genuine 100% natural recipe.

Since 2019, Aurélien Carrelas has been breathing new life into this authentic Aude aperitif.our eco logos


Mix your own wine and start your own creation!

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.


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