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logo-finalDo you love this refreshing drink and want to prepare it yourself with high-quality ingredients? Then look no further! Our carefully crafted spice blend is the perfect choice to create your own unique Kina Karo.

Powerful bittersweet flavour and easy preparation: With our spice blend, composed of a perfect balance of kina bark, fragrant herbs and spices, you can make a delicious, refreshing Kina Karo in no time. Simply follow the included instructions and enjoy the authentic taste you are used to, without compromising on quality.

The unique Kina Karo bag to make your own aperitif at home. Contains a total of 8 aromatic plants and is easy to make yourself. This sachet makes a total of 5 litres of kina karo. According to a recipe kept secret for almost a century.


1 / Let the herbs from the sachet macerate in 50cl alcohol at 45° for 24 hours.

2/ Then add 5 litres of good rosé wine, white or red, with an alcoholic degree of 12 to 13°, then leave to macerate for 4 days.

3/ Stir and filter. Finally, add 300gr to 1000gr of sugar to taste.

It's done, you are now a true professional of the Kina Karo aperitif!


  • On the rocks KINA: kina karo, lemon slices and ice cream
  • 'KINA' tonic: kina karo, tonic, lemon pulp
  • KINA MULE: kina karo, lemon juice, tonic Ginger Beer, mint leaves, lemon slices
  • WHITE NEGRONI KINA KARO: kina karo, gin, lemon pulp


quinquina tree bark 25%, product containing quinine, bark of orange, nutmeg and aromatic plants.our eco logos


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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.




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