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AB labelCream against muscle pain Bio

This cream against muscle pain Bio 20g works preventively against cramps before and after exercise. And is soothing for muscle pain after exercise, for back and neck pain. Moreover, it has a nice fragrance thanks to the presence of camphor. Economical in use.

Why Buy Cream against muscle pain Bio?

  • Because this balm is made exclusively from organic and natural products, which can only benefit your health.
  • The balm contains buplereum to prevent cramps or other muscle pain before and after exercise.
  • Camphor relieves pain and has anti-inflammatory effects.



  • For sports: Massage the muscles with a little ointment 15 min before exercise. This will leave the muscles supple and slightly warm thanks to the camphor.
  • After exercise: Massage sore muscles and tendons after exercise. If necessary, 2 to 3 times the following days.
  •  This balm is soothing for back pain, neck pain and relaxes tired and stiff muscles, among others.
  • Preventive against cramps before and after exercise.



olive oil, beeswax, buplereum flower oil, camphor, linalool, limonene

(Not recommended in case of kidney failure and children under 36 months)

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Learn more about the powers of Bupleúrum fruticósum.


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