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Leuven Christmas market 2022

Bonjour la douce France was at the Leuven 2022 Christmas Market

It was a great opportunity to introduce the people of Leuven and local residents to our Occitan natural products brought with us. It was more than just selling these products. We gladly gave their origin with some explanations and photo material of the southern French producers. To spice things up, we did some on-site tastings. These included savoury olives, tapenades and Popcorn with cèpes from the Minervois region. But the sweet artisan jams as well as some herbal jams from the Corbières region could also please many visitors.

It was quite cold at times anyway but many could not care less. After not having enjoyed a Christmas market for 2 years, apparently everyone was looking forward to strolling around again. Not only the visitors were looking forward to it. The many stallholders on the Ladeuze and Herbert Hoover square were delighted to be back.

For "Bonjour la douce France" it was the first time to participate to The 34th Leuven Christmas market. It was a successful mission to drive north with all these goods and put them out. It is important for us to show and sell what is commonplace in our daily lives. The many southern French traders in the local markets thus offer their natural products every week.

Bonjour la douce France at Herbert Hoover Square

We are sure that at the next Christmas market we will again be on standby with all that is tasty and good for health. We saw and heard a lot at the Leuven Christmas market what visitors were looking for but also did not know. People were not only looking for what was important for themselves but also to please their loved ones. So we have already started to expand our range. A section with new products from Occitanie or what used to be called the Languedoc-Roussillon has already started. 

"Bonjour la douce France" thank you guys!

First of all, we would like to thank the secretariat for giving us the opportunity to participate. The organisation went well and deserves praise. We would certainly like to thank the many volunteers who offered to help complete these 12 days. Thank you Cristel and Jan, Yolande and Filip and Nancy for being willing to endure the cold and helping spontaneously. Thanks to the many good friends who visited us several times for a chat. As well as the many customers who showed their interest and those who visited our stand more than once. 

To everyone, we wish a happy and healthy 2023 in advance!

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  2. It was also a very pleasant collaboration for us and nice to get to know you.
    Dirk Pinte
    Asbl Leuven Christmas Market

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