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The 14th of July somewhere in l'Occitanie

July 14 somewhere in the south of France. That day is the French bank holidays and it is time to party again. Meanwhile, while many enjoy themselves on the most important French tradition, there are popular fireworks shows organised. Usually at the beach, along the banks of a river or on a terrace at a cafe. The 14th of July somewhere in l'Occitanie, were you there this year? 

The most visited cities are Paris, Versailles, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Strasbourg and also closer to us Carcassonne. The city with the largest citadel in Europe hosts one of the most popular fireworks shows. Usually we then look for a good spot on one of the fort's two bridges: the Pont-Neuf or the Pont-Vieux. These bridges separate the Bastide Saint-Louis from the medieval town. The fire show usually starts at 10.30pm. 

However, this year we were going to move closer to home to celebrate this important French festival in a different way. This time in miniature and without fireworks, but just as cosy. The mayor invited the whole village to a delicious supper on the Place du rond in Coustouge. This prepared according to annual custom by a local caterer. Of course, the dishes are only prepared the old-fashioned way with local products. This year squid dish coming from the Mediterranean Sea supplemented with local wines.

Place du rond 1

All 'Coustougeois et Coustougeoises' and also tourists renting a holiday home at the time are welcome to this celebration. The 'maire' of the village and its town councillors organise it with full devotion. The buvette is then not unthinkable on such occasion to inaugurate the party.

After the mayor's speech, the dinner could begin which just about everyone present was looking forward to.

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