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Record turnout at local Paella party

Under the steeple of the Occitan village, Coustouge in the Corbières region, there is annual talk of a Paella feast. Like this year and the years before, long tables are set out each time to accommodate the guests. However, though, organisers and chef Léon counted just 250 seats this year. An absolute record turnout at the local Paëlla party. Surely the "Coustougeois" of course, but also guests from nearby villages and, of course, the many holidaymakers shuffled along to the table. The end of the day was a bit cool, the "tramontane" had also invited itself, but the high houses and good humour protected the tables from the many squalls. Therefore, as a precaution, everyone had brought a jacket anyway for the evening.

Throughout the year, people speak of this traditional dish prepared locally from father to son. A delicious Paëlla richly filled with ingredients coming from this region as well as from the nearby Mediterranean Sea. 

click on the first photo of the Soirée paëlla

As usual, everyone welcomes themselves to the "buvette" before going to the table. A salad as a starter cannot be missed before feasting on the long-awaited traditional Paëlla.

click here to see photo of Soirée paëlla
click here to see photo of Soirée paëlla
Click here to see the photo of Soirée paëlla
Click here to see the photo of Soirée paëlla

A thunderous round of applause for the hardworking "Pailhiez" family who ensured that this 2023 celebration was once again unforgettable!

And for the rest of the evening, the event orchestra Axurit took over until the late hours....

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