Making truffle butter


How to make truffle butter?


Finely chop the truffle
Cut the butter into small pieces and soften it by stirring with a fork
Add the black truffle and fleur de sel

Mix everything together

What can truffle butter be used for?

Here are a few common applications:

1. Grease: Spread it on bread, toast or crackers for a rich and aromatic flavour.

2. Pasta:  Simply stir it into cooked pasta or melt it as a sauce over pasta.

3. Risotto: Add a lump to your risotto for a luxurious flavour. Stir it in when the risotto is almost cooked.

4. Cooked vegetables: can be used as a topping for cooked vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, asparagus, or potatoes. It gives a delicious flavour and makes the vegetables extra special.

5. Fried eggs: Melt a little truffle butter in the pan before frying eggs to give a flavourful twist to the dish.

6. Meat and fish: Truffle butter can be used as a finishing touch for grilled meat, fish or poultry, giving it an extra dimension of flavour.

7. Popcorn: Add some melted truffle butter to warm popcorn for a luxurious and savoury snack.


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