Sesame-spirulina spread recipe


Sesame-spirulina spread recipe Do you want to make a healthy vegetarian spread? Then you really should try this recipe. Sprirulina twigs or sprinkles are a superfood in their purest form. In this recipe, I have added a little honey. But for a vegan version, you can do without or replace the honey with another sweetener. For a spicy touch, you can add spices such as coriander or a little pili pili.

This spread can perfectly replace animal proteins. And is very tasty too!

Ingredients for sesame-spirulina spread recipe:
2 tablespoons of sesame seed puree
1 tablespoon garrigue honey
1 tablespoon spirulina twigs
1 or 2 tablespoons water, depending on the desired consistency

Hydrate the spirulina in the water and then mix all the ingredients into a homogeneous paste.


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