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Rosemary honey is 100% pure! Rosemary is a shrub that grows wild, around the Mediterranean, on sunny, dry and rocky terrain. The blue flowers always attract bees that convert their nectar into a highly prized honey. Rosemary honey, also known as Narbonne honey, is a mono-floral honey that has gained its nobility since Roman times.

Rosemary blooms from January-February to April-May. Flowering is long, regular and reaches its peak with the arrival of spring.
The harvest of rosemary honey is very early and does not last long, between late April and early May.
Volume: The volume of rosemary honey harvest depends on the flowering of rosemary. The more important it is, the larger the volume of harvested honey.

For those who don't like consuming just honey in tablespoons, making an infusion is also an option. And you can add a little of this rosemary honey or prepare a digestive tea. As there are; chamomile, anise, mint or fennel and sweeten with rosemary honey. Drink the tea after meals.

The characteristics of rosemary honey:Texture: creamy. Colour: very light, but variable, between white, light yellow and grey. Perfume: very discreet, slightly balsamic Taste: vegetal, subtle, intense and persistent

Contains100% pure!

Storage: The honey keeps well if kept in a dry environment! Note: Each 100% pure honey can crystallize sooner or later! Bring therefore timely the jar honey to room temperature for consumption. .

How healthy is Rosemary honey?

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