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Refill bag fleur de sel cepes 60g is a 100% natural product. The hand-picked cep comes from the Minervois region located at the foot of the Montagne noire. (Boletus edulis aereus et pinophilus). The salt comes from the salt mines of Gruissan, Aude.

-Fleur de sel 100% is pure! In a protected natural environment, Gruissan salt crystallises under the influence of the natural evaporation of salt water. Harvested in autumn, the salt reaches full mineral maturity: magnesium, calcium and other elements.

-Ceps is picked by Alexis & Andy high in the hills and valleys and then dried naturally in their bergerie*. Their bergerie is therefore in the middle of this almost inhospitable area where the ceps grow. Once it is completely dry, the next step comes. The natural drying of the ceps or cepes. Once dried, the ceps powder has a fine, mild and nutty flavour. This ensures that fleur de sel with cepes goes with many dishes as a seasoning.

Refill bag of fleur de sel cepes 60g

salt of Gruissan 90%, dried ceps (Boletus edulis aereus et pinophilus) 10%


This fleur de sel with porcini mushrooms is excellent on a boiled egg or with a simple pasta.

Also check out our recipe book for ideas with this high-quality product!our eco logos

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*sheepfold renovated into a studio


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