Pumpkin vélouté and truffle 450g


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gazelle logoPumpkin vélouté with black truffle 450g a delicious party dish is already prepared for you!

The ideal "amuse bouche" for your organised walking dinner. It is an autumnal dish that has been passionately prepared with natural products from the Occitanie region. Unexpected visitors? You can put this dish on the table in no time. This soup has a super mild flavour! Actually, such a small glass is far too little. But an "amuse bouche" is meant to wake up your taste buds. Velouté means velvety soft and is one of the five main sauces or soups of French cuisine. In any case, pumpkin velouté with black truffle 450g will certainly taste like more!

Preparation and tasting:

  • This pumpkin velouté amuse can be served with drinks or as an "amuse bouche" for your dinner.
  • Also delicious with a spoonful of home-made pesto or sour cream.
  • In addition, the flavours of pumpkin and duck fat are well-suited to autumn. A real delicacy, tasty!

Contains; Potato 73.5% Milk 10% Liquid cream 10.5% Black truffle (Tuber Mélanosporum) 5% Butter, salt and pepper

Nutritional values for 100g:

Energy (kJ) 506,90

Energy (kcal) 121,10

Crude protein N x 6.25 (g)0.95 Carbohydrates 11.92

Of which sugars 0.78

Lipids (g) 4,21 of which saturated AG (g) 0,70

Sodium chloride salt (g) 0.04

Fibres (g) 2,16

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