Organic Provencal Herbs

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Organic Provencal Herbs are a composition of the most common southern herbs cultivated with care in the Occitanie. Perfect for any BBQ!!! These organic herbs come with the handy airtight resealable packaging. The typical Provencal herbs are composed of thyme, rosemary, marjoram and savory. Alicia cultivates these herbs with the greatest care. And dries them in the traditional way.

"Parfum de la terre" is known for its high-quality spices. We invite you to discover them.

Preparation and tasting provencal organic herbs: Spread the dried herbs over a delicious piece of chicken or lamb. The herbs are also recommended in a winter stew. A delicious smell spreads when you throw a little on the hot charcoal.

Tip!Add the thyme flowers at the end of the cooking process to maximise the flavour!.

ContainsProvencal herbs: (25% thyme, 25% rosemary, 25% marjoram and 25% savory)

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