Olives stuffed with goat's cheese and nuts


Olives stuffed with goat's cheese and nuts
This is a simple recipe with few ingredients for a tasty and original appetiser.
It is important to use large olives so that you can stuff them well. The variety Lucques L'Oulibo is highly recommended for this purpose because the stone comes off easily. But also because of the fleshy and crunchy quality of this French type of olive. In the beginning it is a bit of a search, but once you have mastered the technique, it is very quick to remove the stone. To do this, cut the olive in two and remove the stone from the flesh of the two parts.
You can also stone the olives with a cherry separator. And then cut them into 2.

Crush the nuts until you have small pieces

Mix the cheese, the nuts and the wild thyme
Add pepper and salt
Cut the olives in 2 and remove the stone
Fill the olives with the cheese mixture
Serve the olives stuffed with goat cheese and nuts with a glass of kina karo, enjoy to the full!


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