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This rosemary honey, also called honey of Narbonne, is 100% pure and guaranteed without added sugar!


What is the flavour and texture of rosemary honey?

  • has a subtle flavour of rosemary and a discreet aroma
  • creamy texture
  • Note: Any 100% pure honey may crystallise sooner or later! This is actually a quality feature 
  • Colour: light colour varying between white, light yellow and grey


Sufficient features:

Any honey Strengthens the immune system, is a remedy for coughs and sore throats. Heals burns, minor wounds and acne.

And these rosemary honey Is healthy and helps in case of digestive problems. It cures eczema, stimulates the liver and treats ulcers.


Origin of rosemary honey

Rosemary is a shrub that grows wild, around the Mediterranean, on sunny, dry and rocky terrain. The blue flowers always attract bees that convert their nectar into a highly prized honey. Rosemary honey, is a mono-floral honey that has been produced since Roman times.

Rosemary blooms from January-February to April-May. Flowering is long, regular and peaks with the arrival of spring.
The harvest of rosemary honey is very early in the year and does not last long, between late April and early May. The quantity of rosemary honey harvest depends on the flowering of rosemary.

This honey is harvested in Occitanie, southern France, near Narbonne, in the valleys surrounding the municipality of Fontjoncouse. our eco logos

How healthy is Rosemary honey?

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