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Are you looking for an original gift for men who already have everything? Then this mens facial gift set is highly recommended.

The zero waste box is composed of pure products that are good for the skin! But also for the environment. Nothing goes to waste...

Composition of this mens facial gift set:

This pamper box is composed of:

  • Shaving soap 130g:  a unique shaving soap with a lovely fresh scent, thanks to the essential oils of mint and rosemary and cedarwood. 100% natural and good for all skin types. For months of shaving fun!
  • 1 soap Romeo 100g: This soap, green and white marbled, is the ideal daily care for the dry skin. Plant hemp oil has a restorative and regenerating effect. Peppermint is stimulating and invigorating. Not forgetting the benefits of hemp oil and shea butter.


Instructions for use:

How to shave the old-fashioned way? First moisten the beard or skin with warm water. Use a good shaving brush, moisten it with warm water and swirl around the tin. Then apply the lather to the skin. Let the foam soak in briefly and shave away. Thanks to the creamy foam, the blade glides gently over the skin. Resulting in a brilliant shave.


Tip: The aluminium box can also be reused to store pins or buttons.our eco logos

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Look here at the images from the soap factory!


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