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Maquis honey is 100% pure! It is actually a typical honey from Corsica. It is harvested from May to September in coastal areas and wooded areas related to the maquis plant. This variety has over time found a place in the flora of our Corbières region. It also owes its texture to the "cist" flower, the thorny calyptus, oak, eucalyptus. This honey belongs to the varieties of honeys to discover absolutely!

Preparation and tasting: For those who do not like to consume just honey in tablespoons, making an infusion is also an option. And you can add a little of this maquish honey or prepare a digestive tea. As there are; chamomile, aniseed, mint or fennel and sweeten with maquishoning. Drink the tea after a meal. We recommend tasting this honey with Corsican brebis cheese: Tomme Corse Brebis!


The characteristics of Maquis honey: Texture: creamy. Colour: golden yellow. Scent: liquorice. Taste: rich.

Contains100% pure!

Storage: The honey keeps well if kept in a dry environment! Note: Each 100% pure honey can crystallize sooner or later! Bring therefore timely the jar honey to room temperature for consumption. .

What is Maquis?

Do you know this Castanal honey from Pascal?

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