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This maquis honey is 100% pure and guaranteed without added sugar!

Flavour and texture:

  • a wide variety of aromas and flavours, from sweetly bitter, sometimes delicate and sometimes persistent
  • mild to strong honey
  • creamy texture
  • Note: Any 100% pure honey may crystallise sooner or later! This is actually a quality feature. 
  • Colour: golden yellow


Why order this pure honey?

Because there is too much tampering with honey. Paul, our beekeeper, makes his honey in an honest artisanal way. And is guaranteed not to engage in the following practices:

  • Some honey producers take too much honey away from the bees and then feed them sugar dough. This weakens the bees, increases bee mortality and reduces honey quality.
  • honey is topped up with sugar water, making people think they are buying a liquid honey.
  • Each honey has its specific properties. But cheap honey is made up of different types of honey. So it is not pure, natural honey straight from the beekeeper's hive, as it is with our honey.


Sufficient properties maquis honey

Any honey Strengthens the immune system, is a remedy for coughs and sore throats. Heals burns, minor wounds and acne.

And these maquis honey Helps fight fatigue, anaemia and asthenia thanks to the rich presence of trace elements and mineral salts.


Origin maquis honey

Is actually a typical honey originating from Corsica. Which is harvested from May to September in coastal and forested areas related to the maquis plant. With time, this variety has found a place in the flora of our Corbières region. The honey also owes part of its texture to the "cist" flower, the thorny calycotomes, oak, eucalyptus. This honey is among the varieties of honeys to absolutely discover!

Was harvested in Occitanie, southern France, near Narbonne, in the valleys surrounding the municipality of Fontjoncouse. our eco logos

What is Maquis?

Do you know this Castanal honey from Pascal?

Or blissful as an ingredient with a "spicy vegetarian pizza"!

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    Ad van Esch (verified owner) -

    The taste is exquisite

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