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le salin de gruissan logoLiquid low-sodium salt 250ml or Elix'Selis a natural liquid salt concentrate that is very rich in trace elements. This salt has as much flavour as the well-known traditional kitchen salt. But it contains 75% less sodium. This makes it extremely suitable for a low-salt or low-sodium diet.


Instructions for use:

This liquid salt is the perfect solution to reduce excessive salt consumption without losing flavour!!! The spray ensures uniform dosing of the salt. As a result, you no longer wait for the salt to dissolve in your dishes! Spray a little of this elixir while preparing your dishes. Or put a simple spray on your meal just before tasting. Enjoy!

Other uses of liquid low-sodium salt 250ml:

  • Use as a conditioner that adds volume to your hair. Apply to hair and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse.
  • Gargle with this salt if gums bleed.
  • Clean shallow skin wounds.
  • Cleanse impurities on skin and remove make-up.
  • Use as a lotion against excess sebum production.

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