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AB labelLavender Ointment Bio 20g

You can apply the lavender ointment organic all over your body. Smells lovely. And works soothing and softening.


  • sleep-promoting: apply a little ointment to your temples, wrists and under your nose. Helps relax just before falling asleep.
  • the ointment gives more calm, you don't rush into stress so quickly thanks to the relaxing effect of the lavender.
  • Soothing ointment to use after shaving, for skin irritations, minor wounds and bruises.
  • indicated for nappy rash thanks to the bacterial action of lavender.
  • Mosquito repellent: apply a little ointment to your wrists and ankles. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of lavender and will stay away as a result.
  • keeps lice at bay: apply a little ointment to your son or daughter's temples before going to school. The lice don't like the smell and will therefore stay at bay.


Why buy Lavender Ointment Bio?

Because the ointment is made with products from organic farming.

It contains no dyes or artificial ingredients.

Because ailments can be alleviated naturally.


Composition of lavender ointment bio:

olive oil, beeswax, lavender aspic essential oil.


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