Kina Karo wine aperitif 75cl


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logo-finalKina Karo wine aperitif 75cl consists of no less than 13 aromatic plants that give it a unique and authentic taste. This wine aperitif is made from white wine.

The Kina Karo or Cinchona wine has been an authentic and invigorating aperitif since 1928. A cocktail with a bittersweet taste that also has tonic properties. Kina Karo lets everyone enjoy a good cocktail. Moreover, the recipe was carefully created by our professional bartender. Composed with the respect for balance of flavours and textures. These recipes are exclusive and allow lovers to discover new flavours. Kina Karo wine aperitif 75cl is much more original than the classic coctails with the art of mixology. It is the creation of an invigorating coctail with the good flavours of the Cinchona or Quinquina plant!

Kina Karo in cocktails:

- On the rocks: 5cl White Kina Karo, 2 ice cubes and a peel of yellow lemon.

- Long drink: 6cl White Kina Karo, 10cl Tonic, 2 ice cubes and a peel of yellow lemon.

- Spritz: 6cl white Kina Karo, 10cl bubbles, a dash of sparkling water, 3 ice cubes and a slice of orange.

Don't be afraid of the unknown anymore! Drink obtained by macerating Cinchona bark and aromatic plants. 16% Serve fresh!

Contains; Quinquina, nutmeg, vanilla, white wine, beet sugar and sweet orange (contains sulphites)

Mix your own wine and start your own creation!

Click here for more information about Quinquina.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.

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