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logo-finalKina Karo spice mix 75g. The unique Kina Karo bag to create your own aperitif at home. Contains a total of 8 aromatic plants and is easy to make yourself. This sachet makes a total of 5 litres of kina karo. Following a recipe that has been kept secret for almost a century. You will revive conviviality with a natural aperitif based on plants and wine.

Kina Karo spice mix 75g or the Cinchona wine has been an authentic and invigorating aperitif since 1928. A cocktail with bittersweet flavour. Kina Karo lets everyone enjoy a good cocktail, whose recipe has been carefully crafted by our professional bartender. Composed with the respect for balance of flavours and textures. These recipes are exclusive and allow aficionados to discover new flavours. Kina Karo is much more original than classic cocktails with the art of mixology. It is the creation of an invigorating cocktail with the good flavours of the Cinchona or Quinquina plant!

Containsquinquina bark 25%, product containing quinine, bark of orange, nutmeg and aromatic plants.


1 / Allow the preparation of the sachet to macerate for 24 hours in 50cl alcohol at 45 degrees.

2/ Then add 5 litres of good rosé wine, white or red, with an alcoholic degree of 12 to 13%, then leave to macerate for 4 days.

3/ Shake and filter. Finally, integrate 300gr to 1000gr of sugar according to your taste.

It's done, you are now a true professional of the Kina Karo aperitif!

Try it out;

  • On the rocks KINA: spice mix, white wine, lemon slices and ice
  • KINA' tonic: herb mix, white wine, tonic, lemon pulp
  • KINA MULE: spice mix, lemon juice, tonic Ginger Beer, mint leaves, lemon slices
  • WHITE NEGRONI KINA KARO: spice mix, white wine, gin, lemon pulp



Click here for more information about Quinquina.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.



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