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Fresh fig and vanilla jam 230g  or fig jam with vanilla organic is a subtle combination of the classic fig jam with a fine touch of vanilla. When tasting this jam, you immediately imagine yourself on a sun-drenched terrace in the South of France.

The figs are grown and hand-picked on Carina and Gaëtan's family farm. Afterwards, the jam is made in the traditional way on the farm.

Degustation and aperitif:  This jam is delicious on a croissant or a slice of country bread. But try it also with a scoop of ice cream or with a cheese platter. And don't forget it on toast with foie gras.

Ingredients jam of fresh figs and vanilla: figs* (62%), cane sugar*, vanilla* (0.64%), agaragar*

*Ingredients from organic farming

Total sugar content (natural sugars from the fruit and cane sugar): 55 g of sugar per 100 g of fruit

(Strictly speaking, jam is never sugar-free. After all, the natural sugars present in fruit also count as sugar to your body. But usually the term 'sugar-free' means without added sugars. Here, the added sugar serves not only as a sweetener but also as a preservative. Sugar also releases the pectin from the fruit so that the jam rises)

Tip: Please keep it cool after opening each time!

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