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AB labelHerbal Syrup Bio 250ml.

Welcome to Manu's Organic Herbal Syrup! The syrup is available in 3 flavours: thyme, rosemary and gentian.

Discover the delicious syrups made by Manu, a passionate lady from Fontjoncouse, a small village in Occitanie.

Organic ingredients form the basis of these syrups. Manu works exclusively with high-quality herbs grown sustainably, without the use of artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals. The result is a syrup that is not only full of flavour, but also completely natural and healthy.

Whether you are a lover of herbs or just looking for a healthier alternative to traditional syrups, Manu's Organic Herbal Syrup is the perfect choice! Order today and enjoy the authentic taste of Occitanie in your own home.

Note: our syrups are produced on a small scale and are available in limited quantities. Be quick to get your favourite flavours.

The thyme syrup organic

The thyme syrup tantalises the taste buds with its characteristic spicy and herbal flavour. It is the perfect ingredient to add to hot drinks such as tea or coffee. It can also be used as a topping for desserts or as a base for refreshing cocktails. Or just add a little thyme syrup to a fresh dry wine.

The rosemary syrup organic

Rosemary syrup is highly prized for its sophisticated blend of earthy and spicy flavours. Add it to your favourite lemonade for a refreshing twist. Or pour a dash over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Success guaranteed!

Gentian syrup organic

Gentian syrup offers a unique and bittersweet taste experience. It brings your cocktails to life and gives them a distinctive and sophisticated character. Try it combined with sparkling water and a slice of citrus fruit for a refreshing and festive drink.

Ingredients herbal syrup organic

Spring water, sugar,

rosemary and rosemary hydrolate;

roots of gentian;

hydrolate of thyme and thyme.


Once opened, keep cool. Preferably in the fridge!our eco logos

Also see the "Aloë Vera Lavender Bio50ml" by Manu!

Learn more about the powers of Rosemary.


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    Bert (verified owner) -

    Thyme in particular is ideal for making soft drinks

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