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Herbal Jelly Bio 120g. Have you already tasted this jelly? It is available in 3 flavours: thyme jelly, rosemary jelly and the slightly more familiar lavender jelly.

The taste of thyme: has a sharp, slightly bitter and sweet aroma.

The taste of rosemaryIt has a bitter-sweet taste that is sometimes described as resinous.

The taste of lavenderfresh, slightly sweet and very aromatic.

Preparation and tasting: delicious with cold cuts, goat's cheese and other cheeses or to flavour your tea. The jelly is also delicious on a pancake or with a scoop of ice cream.

Ingredients of Herb Jelly Bio 120g: spring water, organic sugar, agar-agar and depending on the taste: hydrolate and leaves of organic thyme; hydrolate and leaves of organic rosemary and hydrolate and leaves of organic lavender.

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