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Candied hazelnuts in honey! The perfect formula for a spread you can't help but love! The hazelnuts are produced on a small scale on Geoffrey and Stéphanie's family farm. Beekeeper, and father, Armand Oules produces the honey.

Moreover, the production and transformation of this delicious pasta is done exclusively on the exploitation.


Honey 65%, hazelnuts 35%

Serving tip:

  • At breakfast on a piece of bread or in yoghurt.
  • Sweet recipes: in cakes or on a pancake.
  • Savoury recipes: to add a sweet touch to stews.

Why choose these hazelnuts in honey?

  • Because the spread has a real taste of hazelnuts and is deliciously creamy.
  • Because this cream is handcrafted and comes from a very small production.
  • Because hazelnuts come from a single forest, where work is done with respect for nature.
  • Because the recipe uses pure honey and not glucose syrup.
  • Because you pay a fair price for this spread. Fair for the consumer, and a right price for the producer.our eco logos

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