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Coarse sea salt and truffle 100g. Do you love truffles? Then this little jar filled with coarse sea salt and black truffle is for you. Gazel is a family business of delicacies where taste, good ingredients and high quality are the key words. The result is a universe of flavour enhancers that make your meals an exciting experience. The concept will bring pleasure to your everyday meals, but also to your gourmet dinners. The delicacies are exclusively produced in the South of France in combination with other local products.

Preparation and tasting: Usage coarse sea salt and truffle 100g it over your meat, fish, pasta or risotto. This Gruissan coarse salt with black truffle flakes goes wonderfully well with jacket potatoes and in sauces. A subtle seasoning that will enrich your kitchen! It is also very good for seasoning meat, especially steak or grilled meat.

Storage: Store the glass jar in a dry, dark place. This way you will enjoy this delicious seasoning for a long time!

Containscoarse sea salt from Gruissan (Corbières Maritime) and Tuber Mélanosporum 5%

Dimensions: height 5.5 cm, width 7 cm

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What more do we know about the black truffle?

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