Grapeseed oil with black truffle


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gazelle logoGrapeseed oil with black truffle 10cl is a high-quality truffle oil with grape seed oil as its base. The oil contains 80% of essential fatty acids, especially omega 3 and omega 6.
The Gazel family has chosen a grape seed oil of exceptional quality. After pressing the wine grapes, the grape seed is cleaned, dried and pressed. The grape seed oil is 100% natural and contains no colourings or artificial flavourings, but is enriched with a delicious truffle aroma.
Preparation and tasting:

Grapeseed oil with black truffle 10cl It is best not to heat it in order to preserve its subtle aromas.

It is excellent for use in cold cooking:

  • A potato salad becomes extra creamy by adding oil.
  • Boiled vegetables and meat become extra tasty by topping them with some oil.
  • A home-made muesli could use some oil so that you get a more complete meal.
  • A fruit juice is ideal for adding oil.
  • You can, of course, put it on a salad or make a dressing with it.
  • In addition, a pasta salad with a little grape seed oil makes it a special and complete meal.

ContainsGrape seed oil of French origin with black truffle aroma < 0.2%

Storage: This oil is best kept in a cool and dark place!

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What more do we know about the black truffle?

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