Making grape jelly with rosemary


Making grape jelly with rosemary

After the grape harvest, you can go into the vineyard to pick the little bunches of grapes that have stuck around. I like to ask the winemaker first but that is usually no problem and afterwards, of course, I then give them a few jars of this delicious jelly.
During a fine walk, I had picked a few branches of rosemary and 5.8 kilos of grapes. These gave me 3.6 kilos of grape juice and 9 jars of grape jelly.
This jelly is very tasty with cheese or just on a slice of bread!

Ingredients for 'making grape jelly with rosemary'

  1. 6 kilos of grapes
  2. 1.5 kg sugar
  3. juice of 1 lemon
  4. 8g agar agar


Put the grapes through the juicer and collect the grape juice
Add the sugar, lemon juice and rosemary
Simmer on a low heat for about 15 min
Remove the rosemary
Add the "agar agar" and put the jelly in sterilised jars


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