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AB labelGoodnight Tea Bio 60g

We are proud to offer this goodnight tea organic 60g. This herbal tea not only tastes delicious but is also produced in a sustainable manner.

Alicia, our local producer, grows every ingredient with love and care, without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. We work closely with her because she shares the same values as us.


Our goodnight tea contains a selection of organic herbs known for their relaxing properties. Marjoram, hawthorn, lavender and lemon balm are carefully blended to create a calming and soothing infusion. The combination of these ingredients promotes a good night's sleep and helps you relax after a busy day.

  • Lemon balm Calms the nervous system (25%)
  • Lavender Has a positive effect on sleep disorders (25%)
  • Marjolein Has a calming effect on the gastrointestinal system (25%)
  • Hawthorn Calms the nervous system and positively affects anxiety (25%)

Instructions for use:

Half an hour before going to bed, put 1 to 2 teaspoons of goodnight tea bio in a tea ball. Then let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes in water at 80°. Avoid boiling water as the tea will lose its goodness.

Why buy goodnight tea Bio 60g?

When you buy our goodnight tea, you not only support local farmers and producers, but also the beautiful natural environment in which they work. Together, we can have a positive impact on preserving our planet while enjoying a delicious cup of tea that helps us relax and unwind.


These organic herbs come in convenient airtight resealable packaging.


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