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Marsh samphire natural 330g Marsh samphire, sea bean or "saltthorn" is a small wild plant that grows on the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel. It is picked by hand at the beginning of the summer. Very rich in mineral salts and with a pleasant salty taste. This delicacy can be used to decorate an appetiser or a starter. Do you like the taste of the sea? Then this product is perfect for enhancing your dishes in an instant.

How does samphire taste? The name may give it away, but it has a distinctive taste. spicy, salty taste that goes well with fish and seafood.

Preparation and tasting Marsh samphire natural organic 330g:

  • Drain the samphire and rinse with fresh water.
  • Steam them or fry them in butter with a bit of garlic if necessary. Or add to a vinaigrette.
  • They also lend themselves very well to the preparation of mixed salads in which their salty taste is superb.
  • The French also love salicorne with omelettes.
  • Make toast with tarama and put a sprig of samphire as a finishing touch


<Contains: organic samphire shoots, water, salt of Ile de Ré

Storage: after opening keep cool in the refrigerator

Tip: do not use with low-salt diet!

OriginThe campsite: "Les sels de Gruissan" works closely with the family business "Gabanou gastronomie" based in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.our eco logos

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