Galantine de chapon 200g

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Galantine de chapon 200g. "Un chapon" is actually a castrated cockerel of the species Gallus domesticus. With the intention of achieving greater tenderness and meat mass. The legs of the rooster are usually blue and the skin thin and pearly. It is a typical French dish made in several departments as well as in Aude. Galantine de chapon is a true symbol of French gastronomy. This tasty cockerel meat by Christophe Tardieu is carefully prepared. The whole Tardieu family works on the farm with respect for the animals and with love for their profession.

Degustation Galantine de chapon 200g: Is a dish par excellence for the end-of-year festivities. Whether served as a starter or an aperitif, this delicacy is an exceptional product. Try galantine de chapon on multi-grain toast. A glass of white wine will enhance all the aromas of this poultry preparation!

Storage date Galantine de chapon 200g: 04/02/24 Contains: Chapon meat 75% (castrated rooster), pork 25%, pepper and salt.

Galantine de chapon is a famous product, but other Tardieu products also spoil our taste buds. Brisket, confit, rillettes, etc.our eco logos

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