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Also called the white diamond of the Mediterranean, this fleur Sel Gruissan 125g comes from the picturesque coastal town of Gruissan in southern France. It is known for its delicate flavour and fine texture. Because the salt farmers harvest this rare salt by hand. In which they use centuries-old traditional techniques.

What is fleur de sel Gruissan 125g?

  • The uniqueness of Fleur de Sel lies in the way the crystals form.
  • In clear weather and low humidity, small crystals form on the surface of the salt pans.
  • These delicate crystals are then carefully harvested by hand.
  • And then packed in the wooden boxes to preserve their pure flavour.

"Les sels de Gruissan" is known for its quality salts. We invite you to discover this salt.

Operating instructions :

Our Fleur de Sel from Gruissan comes in a beautiful wooden box. Which makes it not only a fantastic ingredient in the kitchen, but also a great gift for friends and family. Try it on grilled vegetables, white fish or even on a piece of chocolate for a surprising taste experience.


Fleur de sel Gruissan is 100% natural fun!

Dimensions: height 6.5 cm, width 9 cm

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