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Button to view organic labelWintergreen Bio 5ml or also called Gaultheria. Made in France! Guaranteed pure aroma and 100% natural. Small-scale production from southern France.


  • It is the essential oil for athletes, who can use it before or after training. Thanks to its warming effect, it prevents pain and promotes muscle recovery.
  • This oil soothes muscle pain and tendonitis, cramps, sprains and lumbago.
  • It stimulates the liver and relieves headaches caused by liver problems.
  • It is the remedy to relieve gout naturally (gout or the paw = toes that swell after an excess of urea in the blood).Notice d'utilisation fourniture

Wintergreen Bio 5ml is an essential oil of volatile nature. Therefore, this oil comes in a dark bottle with a handy drop counter.our eco logos

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What is evergreen ?


. Information on this website does not contain health claims!

Always consult a doctor and use essential oils at your own risk.

Essential oils are traditionally used to support the body and mind. (plant medicine/phytotherapy)

Despite the fact that this herbal medicine is the founder of modern Western medicine, claims cannot be made.

Shared information is only hypothetical, from a historical point of view.

Essential oil is not an alternative to a doctor's visit!

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