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Button to view organic labelThyme essential oil 5ml (tymus vulgaris ct linalol) Made in France. Guaranteed pure aroma and 100% natural.


The scent of thyme is stronger or weaker depending on the variety, and is simultaneously grassy and spicy. The plant gets its name from the Greek "thyo" meaning: to smell embalming.


Tip: the fragrance is spicy and fresh and combines well with Rosemary oil!

(For children 6 years and older, use diluted form. Do not use during pregnancy).Notice d'utilisation fourniture

Thyme also has important active ingredients ... read more here!

Thyme essential oil Bio 5ml, Quality warranties:

Certified BIOLOGICAL by Ecocert (FR-BIO-01)
. 100% pure, natural, integral
Chemotype and biochemical composition guaranteed by chromatographic analysis for each batch
. Conditioned on site
Traceability and quality analysis of each produced batch
Origin: Tuchan, Occitanie

Product features:

Latin name: Thymus Vulgaris CT Linalol.
Part used: Flowering tops
Extraction method: Distillation
Origin: France
Sold in: Brown glass bottle with dropper


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Essential oils are traditionally used to support the body and mind. (plant medicine/phytotherapy)

Despite the fact that this herbal medicine is the founder of modern Western medicine, claims cannot be made.

Shared information is only hypothetical, from a historical point of view.

Essential oil is not an alternative to a doctor's visit!

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