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AB labelEssential oil Lavandin Bio30ml is obtained by water vapour distillation of the plant. The oil of lavandin is also known as a natural anti-stress agent. This hydrolat product is from organic farming and has the FR-BIO-01 certificate.

Essential oil Lavandin Bio30ml is a true wonder drug for modern aromatherapy. Essential Oil Lavandin Bio30ml of fine organic lavender contains positive characteristics such as anti-inflammatory which makes it very valuable for everyone. Very soothing, it helps to naturally relieve stress and nervousness. Beneficial for the skin, it has also been proven to soothe minor redness and mild irritation of the epidermis. Enjoy the benefits of Provence in its purest form!Notice d'utilisation fournitureour eco logos

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. The information on this page does not contain any health claims!

The use of essential oils is at your own risk. Always consult a doctor. Essential oil is not an alternative to a doctor's visit!

Essential oils are traditionally used to support the body and mind. (plant medicine/phytotherapy)

Despite the fact that this herbal medicine is the founder of modern Western medicine, claims cannot be made.

Shared information is only hypothetical, from a historical point of view.

Yes, I understand that essential oil is not a medicine.


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