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Duck rillette 30% foie gras 190g is a deliciously coarse mousse of meat, perfect for on toast. Practical and easy to spread, rillettes are often eaten with a sandwich. Handmade with crushed simmered duck meat. This exclusive recipe has been carefully developed in the kitchen nestled in the heart of the Terroir Pays Cathare. Ducks are raised in the open air where they are fed on corn, grains and grass blades. The whole Tardieu family works on the farm with respect for the animals and with love for their profession.

Degustation: simply delicious when freshly spread on a fresh piece of farmhouse bread!

Storage date: 01/11/26  Contains: foie gras 30%, duck meat and fat, fritons, salt and pepper

Tips for conservation: Duck rillette 30% foie gras 190g Store in the dark and at room temperature, but serve well chilled. Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 3 days. Best eaten before the expiry date, see packaging.

Everything about ducks is good! The foie gras remains the noblest and most famous product, but other Tardieu products also spoil our taste buds. Brisket, confit, rillettes, etc.our eco logos

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