Duck neck stuffed with foie gras

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Duck neck stuffed with foie gras is much loved by gourmets and is a classic in French cuisine. Stuffed duck neck in preserves, is delicious as an appetiser or as a starter. The stuffing consists of foie gras, pieces of duck meat and ground pork.


Duck neck stuffed with foie gras is eaten cold. Don't hesitate to refrigerate your tin the day before your meal.

Make slices and leave them at room temperature for at least half an hour before serving.


Try these suggestions.... Tasty!

  • Accompanied by a small salad, dried brisket and a sweet white wine, your plate will be a beautiful appetiser for your guests.
  • Cut the "Cou de canard" into fine slices and serve fresh with fresh country bread.
  • Delicious "amuse bouche"; Duck neck foie gras on chicory. Fry chicory leaves in butter, Garrigue honey, bay leaf and wild thyme. Fry some apple slices with some butter and honey and flambé in cognac. Add a few soaked sultanas or some onion confit with beer and let them warm up for about 5 minutes. Add the duck neck cut into slices at room temperature and serve.



Foie gras of duck 30%, meat of duck 30%, pork 30%, milk, egg, meat of duck neck 10%, salt and pepper.our eco logos

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See the videos "éleveur de canard Pays Cathare" and "la ferme de Berengou" by Christophe!

2 reviews for Eendenhals gevuld met foie gras

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  1. A

    Agnes (verified owner) -

    So simple and delicious as an appetiser

  2. ML

    Monique Lasalle (verified owner) -

    Je ne connaissais pas ce produit ! Je ne suis pas déçue 🙂🙃

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