Confit duck legs 1kg


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Confit duck legs 1kg. 

Can duck be candied? Yes, meat can also be candied. It is an old method of preservation that arose out of necessity. In the past, we had no freezer, no refrigerator and meat had to be preserved or eaten immediately. In this technique, which originated in the south-west of France, the meat is slowly cooked in duck fat. It is then preserved in the same fat. In this way, it can last for weeks.

Preparation and tasting of duck legs confit 1kg:

  • Fry the pieces nicely brown in the pan or the oven. Eat it with fresh baguette, a green salad, mushrooms or with other vegetables as desired.
  • You can combine the meat of confit with the Hachis ParmentierProcess in a salad or a terrine.
  • But you can also serve them crispy out of the oven with potatoes and mushrooms.
  • The duck legs are also good for preparing stews.
  • Tip: Very tasty with potato puree with black truffle!!!

Storage date23/08/24 (Candied meat can be kept in the fridge under fat for 1 month)

ContainsTwo legs of duck confit 70%, duck fat, salt and pepper.

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A delicious dish of cured duck legs?

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