Dried morel mushrooms 20g

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Logo love la foretDried morel mushrooms 20g is a 100% natural product. These beautiful dried morel mushrooms of French origin are very tasty but not abundant, so don't hesitate, our stock is limited...

Preparation and tasting: Morel mushrooms are perhaps the king of the mushroom world. Their beautiful appearance speaks volumes, but their flavour is also wonderfully aromatic. In general, we find them dried or in cans, but how do you use them optimally?

For example, morel mushrooms taste very good with meat dishes or game, but they also go well with tasty fish such as dorade. They even go well with poultry, asparagus, pasta and nuts. Dried, they are the ideal seasoning for soups and sauces. Put them in lukewarm water and use them - together with the liquid - as stock. Prepare morel mushrooms as you would most other types of mushrooms. In a pan with a dash of oil or butter, herbs to taste, possibly an onion or a dash of cream. Bon appetit!

Storage tipDried morel mushrooms 20g are best kept in a glass container, or vacuum packed in plastic bags. Above all, store them in a dry and dark place, this way the flavour is best preserved.


Ingredients: Dried morel mushrooms (Morchella spp.)

Net weight: 10g

Origin: France

Dimensions of the bag: height 11.5 cm, length 10 cm, width 4 cm

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