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Logo love la foretBlack trumpet powder 25g is also called trompette de la mort. It owes its name to its dark colour. The mushroom has a spicy and earthy flavour and can be prepared in the same way as chanterelles. A real seasoning with game and meat dishes! Black trumpet is a lesser-known mushroom but is a real delicacy!

Preparation and tasting:

Even in small quantities, the product gives sauces, soups, and all kinds of other dishes a typical spicy flavour with delicious aromas. Thanks to the handy glass jar with stainless steel dispensing cap, you can sprinkle the powder on dishes to give them an extra delicious flavour. You can also mix the powder into a sauce. Cooking with trompette de la mort is a fun culinary experience.

The advantage of powdered mushrooms is that you can put the jar on the table during the meal and add some to each according to taste.

Death trumpet powder 25g contains:

Dried horn of plenty (craterellus cornucopioides) in powder form. Net weight: 25g

Origin: France

Storage tip:

Black trumpet powder is best stored in a dry and dark place, this way the flavour is best preserved.our eco logos

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