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le salin de gruissan logoCoarse sea salt 2chili pepper 500g. Choose a subtly spiced coarse sea salt with 2 chilli peppers of Gruissan? This natural sea salt contains 2 different chillies, one mild and one spicy. This is already the ideal seasoning and a must have! The kraft-wrapped salt box with cap is handy and easily recognisable in your kitchen! This white diamond with peppers is especially delicious with plancha dishes and is especially recommended as a spicy condiment.

The salt strength is equal to that of the well-known traditional kitchen salt. But due to the traditional drying of the sea water, it contains up to 75% less sodium and this for an equivalent taste. Coarse sea salt 2chili pepper 500g is a nice salt to have in the kitchen. We invite you to discover this salt.

Preparation and tasting: Delicious with planchas, such as when frying green pepper or squid. However, this salt is not ground like pepper. But we rather let this seasoning crumble away between our fingers and sprinkle it on our dish.

Contains: Spicy pepper, mild pepper and coarse sea salt. Is 100% natural fun!

Dimensions: height 15 cm, width 8.5 cm

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