Chocolate mousse with lavender


Chocolate mousse with lavender, a zero waste recipe!

Got leftover egg whites and would rather not throw them away? Then try this light recipe of chocolate mousse with lavender.


Method chocolate mousse with lavender:

Melt the chocolate with the butter and allow to cool slightly
Beat the egg whites until stiff with a little salt
Add to the melted chocolate the drops of lavandin toe
Carefully lift the chocolate under the beaten egg white
Leave to cool in the fridge for 2 hours

What flavours are delicious with chocolate mousse?

There are several flavours that go well with chocolate mousse. Some popular flavour combinations are:

1. Orange: the fresh and citrusy flavour of orange combines well with the creamy chocolate flavour of the mousse.

2. Raspberry: the sweet-sour flavour of raspberries can offer a nice contrast to the rich chocolate.

3. Caramel: the sweet and creamy caramel flavour can be a delicious addition to chocolate mousse.

4. Mint: the refreshing flavour of mint can provide an interesting balance against the intense chocolate flavour.

5. Coffee: if you love coffee, a hint of coffee flavour can enhance the chocolate flavour of the mousse.

Of course, taste is personal, so you can also experiment with other flavours you like to combine with chocolate mousse.


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