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Castnut honey 500g is 100% pure! This honey is characterized by the many minerals it contains and the substance "acetylcholine". A substance that makes top athletes happy. It is namely excellent against fatigue. If you are looking for healthy honey you often come to chestnut honey. This is produced by bees from nectar of chestnut blossoms. Chestnut honey 500g is perfect for those who like a strong but not too sweet honey. It gives a slightly bitter aftertaste. A real pearl of nature!

Serving tip: Combines very well with various dishes or cheeses. It is delicious on wholemeal bread in combination with cheese, fruit and nuts. Ideal to sweeten the coffee!

The characteristics of chestnut honey 500g: Colour: light amber to amber Perfume: strong tannin Flavour: slightly bitter, not too sweet and full of character

Contains100% pure!

Origin: Corbières vertes, Fontjoncouse and its surroundings.

Storage: The honey keeps well in a dry environment! Note: Every 100% pure honey can crystallize sooner or later! Therefore, bring the jar of honey in time to room temperature for consumption. All our honey is carefully controlled to ensure optimal quality.

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