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Logo love la foretChanterelle powder 13g is 100% naturally. These hand-picked chanterelles come from the Minervois region located at the foot of the Montagne noir. (Cantharellus cibarius) They are picked by Alexis & Andy high up in the hills and valleys and then dried naturally in their bergerie*. Their bergerie is located in the middle of this almost inhospitable area where the chanterelles grow. Once it is completely dry, the next step comes. The natural drying of the chanterelles. After drying, the chanterelle powder has a specific peppery spicy flavour. This ensures that it goes with many dishes as a seasoning. This makes it a 100% natural product. Chanterelles powder 13g is conveniently contained in a glass jar with a stainless steel dosage cap.

Preparation and tasting: Peppery and spicy, the chanterelles bring sunshine to everything it touches, pasta with cream, poultry, quiches, omelettes, soups, sauces, risotto, vegetable tarts and stews.

Moreover, the fragrant and colourful extract comes in a beautiful glass jar with a metal lid. It is easy to close to preserve the quality. Chanterelles add a festive character to any dish and in any season.

Storage date: 01/2023

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*sheepfold renovated into a studio

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