Caviar aubergine & truffle 85g


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gazelle logoCaviar aubergine & truffle 85g is the unmissable Apero spread! Absolutely recommended as an aperitif to surprise friends and guests.

Aubergine caviar is a puree of aubergine. Cooked in the oven by the Gazel family until the flesh is soft and the pulp can be easily extracted. Of course, fresh Mediterranean herbs are also used in the process. With the black truffle as an extra! "Caviar" refers to the seeds in the flesh of the aubergine which are reminiscent of caviar in appearance. Caviar aubergine & truffle 85g is the cream of the crop. We also know such snacks as Mezze!

Mezze is a collective term for small snacks from Mediterranean cuisine. From the South of France, Italy, Greece and Turkey to the Middle East, there is a version of this aubergine puree everywhere. Classic examples of mezze are: dolmades, falafel, hummus, tabouleh and tzatziki. You can serve the aubergine puree as an appetizer. Nice and thick on a roll, toast, baguette, bruschetta or serve as a tasty starter!

Contains; aubergines 78%, garlic 9%, black truffle (tuber melanosporum) 5%, salt, pepper, lemon juice, coriander, cumin

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What do we know about the black truffle?

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