Black winter truffle pieces

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gazelle logoBlack winter truffle pieces is the most common truffle in Occitanie and has a subtle nutty flavour. This one has the flavour of the summer truffle, but is a lot richer and fuller in flavour.

The culinarily acclaimed black truffle is the ideal ingredient to add an extra touch to your festive dinner. This delicacy tastes delicious shaved over pasta, pâté, meat and game dishes or you can add it to your omelette. But it is also delicious with seafood or soaked in sauces to add depth. Try combining with strong cheeses!

The black truffle season usually runs from December to March. However, at "Bonjour la douce France" it is possible to buy black truffles throughout the year. These Gazel truffles are sterilised and kept in their own cooking juice to preserve their flavours. This, of course, to guarantee a long shelf life. No artificial flavourings are added!

Tip: add the liquid from the truffle to a risotto or use it as a base for a sauce!

Storage: Once opened, black winter truffle pieces have a limited shelf life in the fridge.our eco logos

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