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BBQ box

Quickly discover our special BBQ selection.... They are the prefect ingredients for enjoying a barbecue with family or friends. It is of course possible to buy marinated meat or marinated fish. But it is so much tastier, and not necessarily more time-consuming, to make these marinades yourself! That is why Bonjour la douce France has put together a special BBQ box. Exclusively with healthy and pure basic products to make marinades and dressings in a jiffy.

The BBQ box consists of:

Basic recipe for vinaigrette: three tablespoons of oil, two tablespoons of vinegar and one teaspoon of mustard, pepper and salt.

You can experiment a lot with this base by using different oils and vinegars. And adding lots of southern herbs. The choice is yours.

Choose pure, without additives and flavour enhancers and let your creativity make your barbecue even tastier. Because that is enjoying!



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