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le salin de gruissan logoBath salts airways Bio 500g is rich in valuable minerals and trace elements that purify and care for the skin. The ethereal eucalyptus oil is inhaled through the hot steam and absorbed through the skin via the water.
It refreshes, acts especially on the airways and gives relief from colds. This aromatic bath salt airways Bio 500g can be used at home in your bath or footbath without any problems!

What is bath salts? Bath Salt Bio contains minerals that are water-soluble and are added to your bath water. This has a positive effect on your skin but also improves your "bathing experience". Your skin is your largest organ, absorbing certain substances that are beneficial for your muscles or your general well-being. Gruissan salt is water soluble and absorbed by the skin. This salt provides lasting hydration for your skin. In other words, a golden combination!

What does 6.1 mean? 6.1% is the percentage of mineral salt present in our body. So essential for the proper balance of our body and we sweat it through our skin. It floods our faces with tears of sorrow and joy. It is the salt of life.

Operating instructions:
Pour a handful into your hot bath water. Water temperature: 36 - 38°C. Bath time: 15 - 20 minutes.

Contains: Sun-dried sea salt from Gruissan, Aude. Eucalyptus essential oil and limonene. (Free of parabens, sls and silicones)

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