Amber beer l'Envouté 33cl

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Amber beer l'Envouté 33cl is a spicy beer with a malty taste. This artisanal beer was brewed with great passion by Charlotte. Her brewery is located in Montlaur in the centre of the Corbières region.

Amber beer l'Envouté 33cl is an artisanal, unfiltered and living beer. The natural deposit at the bottom of the bottle reveals its authenticity and quality. To be stored in a dry and dark place.

Suggestion; keep this beer cool for about two days and serve preferably between 8° and 14° Alc. 6,5% vol.

Contains water, malt, barley, grains, hops, yeast, sugar and spices. Also contains gluten. These ingredients come exclusively from the Occitanie region!

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Beer, traditional drink in France.


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