Aglandau olive oil Bio 50cl


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Aglandau olive oil Bio 50cl is an olive variety originally from Haute Provence. But this variety is finding its place more and more in Occitanie. Its flavour is highly appreciated and appreciated as being particularly fruity. Above all, the oil has the smell of almond, green apple and freshly cut grass. In addition, in the mouth, the oil has aromas of raw artichoke, a certain bitterness and a very pronounced aftertaste.
To obtain the best quality, this oil is only obtained by cold pressing. In short, this makes this variety a higher category olive oil and it carries the label FR-Bio-01

What makes this olive oil so special and what is cold pressing?

The E.U. has divided olive oil into four categories. The most prestigious is the "first cold pressing" or "Extra Vièrge" olive oil. According to the E.U. standard, this olive oil must meet a number of strict requirements. The most important of these is the acidity level. The standard prescribes that an olive oil may only call itself Extra Vièrge if its acidity is below 1%. Furthermore, the olive oil must be untreated and exclusively from the first cold pressing. The time it takes from the picked olive to the press is extremely important to guarantee the quality of the olive oil! The stored olives are kept cool and out of the light and transferred to a professional olive press the same day.

Aglandau olive oil Bio 50cl was pressed from olives grown sustainably. The Aglandau olives are picked exclusively by hand. Our olive oil has an acidity level that, by definition, is well below the EU standard of 1%. It gets its special quality from the microclimate, the variety and the craftsmanship of the Alexandra & Luc.

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