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La cabane du berger


Organic herb farm/WELCOME

Fontjoncouse, Aude

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Emmanuelle fell in love with the Corbières region in 2012 because of its beauty. At the same time, she fell in love with a local shepherd and decided to move in for good. Since 2013, she has been living and working in organic farming in the midst of nature. Organic has become a must! That's why Emmanuelle goes to the local Bio markets to supply people with her quality products. Explore the manufactured organic health products from the Pouzoles farm now!



Aurélien Carrelas


Lagrasse, Aude

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On a summer's day in 1928, the KINA KARO was born. With a good balance of flavours and textures of exclusively South French origin, a delicious liqueur was created. The recipe is unique and daring. And allows even the lovers and the drivers to discover the new flavours. But they are not even remotely comparable to the best-known coctails. Kina karo is a must for those who are creative with their long drinks and apero. Discover the opportunity we have to offer and spoil your guests and friends!

The time of women

Julie & Laurie Arthozoul


Talairan, Aude

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The name of this Domain reflects the collaboration of no less than three generations of women! The wines of the Corbières region have always been known for generations of winegrowers and their traditions. Some years ago, the daughters Julie & Laurie took over the family vineyard. The most important thing is to make wine with respect for nature.
This female label therefore reveals all the virility of their wines.

Explore our craft through 'Bonjour la douce France' and be tempted by a tasting when you are on holiday!

Domaine Sainte Juste Durban

Ulrike Erdmann

Organic winegrower

Durban-Corbières, Aude

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Ulrike & Remy felt the need to start producing organic wine as early as 2001. In 2002 the production of sustainable organic wine was a fact. As soon as the quality of the harvest allows it, they annually release a "Cuvée Melchior". This one distinguishes itself from the others with its 100-year-old vineyard in the slate valley, "La Salce". Matured for months in oak barrels gives it extra aromas without hiding its character of origin. After spending 24 months in French oak barrels, the wine is well rounded. The "boisé" side is not dominant but is balanced and harmonises well with fruit aromas. Discover soon this typical Corbières wine!

bouysse file

Martine & Christophe 

Vegan + Organic Vineyard/AZINE

Saint-André de Roquelongue, Aude

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Martine & Christophe took over the family farm in 1996 as the fourth generation after they both graduated as oenologists. They then withdrew their production from the cooperative wine cellar in their village. So they embarked on a new adventure by starting their own independent cellar. The estate now stretches over 40 hectares and consists of vines between 30 and 115 years old. Martine and her brother develop their heritage so passionately and invite you to discover their universe!

Pierre Gazel

Creative TRUFFELfarmer

Narbonne, Aude

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For 3 generations, Claude and Pierre GAZEL, have built their experience on the quest for flavour and its excellence. Based in Villespassans, they grow truffles using ancestral methods. It is therefore a philosophy based on respect for nature, sharing experience and pleasure. All our truffles are the result of the teamwork of our truffle dogs and the beauty that nature offers us! Passionate about the profession, we want to share with you this gastronomic adventure, which is the discovery of the black truffle!


Ferme Elebatge Luna

Elebatge Luna

 Sheep farm. Organic jams.

Lafage, Aude

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Since 2013, Carina and Gaëtan have operated an organic farm in the French south-west. They too are part of our producers who share the same values. Based in Magalassou, they raise sheep to market their own quality products. It is therefore a philosophy based on respecting nature, producing quality. There they make fresh meat, pâtés, head meat and dry sausages. Moreover, they make time to pick all kinds of fruits which produces delicious jams. Our animals are free and fed organic food daily which guarantees the quality of our products!


Pascal Bringuier


Fontjoncouse, Aude

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The Fontjoncouse beekeeper welcomes you to his unspoilt surroundings next to the Saint-Victor mountain. The region around the mountain, with its altitude and flowers, offers a great variety of honey from this beekeeper.
Pascal is thus part of all our producers and presents you with his most delicious honeys. Like the rosemary, garrigue, maquis and chestnut! Grab your chance! Choose quickly from the ones you like and enjoy!



Artisanal soap/well-being products

Lagrasse, Aude

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Véronique, one of our first producers, started her new soap workshop with shop in the centre of Lagrasse, in the Aude, in 2012. She owes her artistic qualities mainly to her previous craft, which she practised as a potter. Still, she wanted to do something else. She seized her chance in health products. For a cold handmade soap, however, retains its virtues and beneficial properties for all skin types. Moreover, the production method will not generate any waste for the environment. Thank goodness! It is therefore a healthy and responsible alternative to shower gels and industrial soaps. That is, as hot saponification is used in the soap industry. So visit Véronique's artisanal products quickly here!

Franck Sauri card

Franck Sauri

Essential oils/wellbeing products

Tuchan, Aude

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Franck grew up at the foot of the Haut-Corbières region. From childhood, he worked as a Fitou winegrower on his 8 hectares of land. Concerned as he is with the flora that nature has to offer, he decided to alternate his work. Initially, Franck started picking wild plants before going into professional work. However, wild picking requires special attention to the environment and the biotope of the Corbières region. As a result, Franck converted his land to aromatic and medicinal plants according to ancestral cultivation methods. Discover Franck's work here! 


Artisanal brewery/APERITIVE

Montlaur, Aude

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In 2004, Charlotte enjoyed working in a specialty shop for Belgian beers in Strasbourg. So impressed by the world of brewing, she convinced herself to do something with beer herself one day. Charlotte also longed to move south and found herself a home in the beautiful Corbières region. It wasn't until 2015 that she brewed her own beer in her kitchen. The brewing was successful! Then in 2017 she released her first beer as a "micro brasseure". She works with local producers and occasionally Charlotte organises concerts and other events. This continues in her "locally dedicated to local production". Take a look at what Charlotte has to offer! Also discover its beer jam!

Oil mill and producer of olives in Oulibo


Olive cooperative /pastas/OIL

Bize-Minervois, Aude

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Founded in 1942, the Coopérative l'Oulibo is currently the main olive cooperative in the Aude department. From fruit to oil, discover the work of olive growers, the miller... Today, the 840 members of l'Oulibo share the values of cooperation, solidarity, team spirit and passion for this thousand-year-old tree perpetuate: the Olive Tree. They too are part of our producers.

sheet alicia


Herbal farm/welfare products

Ferrals les Corbières, Aude

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My passion for plants came from an early age. Our small family business with aromatic and medicinal plants started in
2014. With an area of 2ha 20 located
in a small village in Corbières, southern France. In an area between the sea and the
mountains, on our red and stony land these plants give
the best of themselves. Our cultivation is done with respect for organic cultivation, and
in its sustainable environment. Alicia shares the same values as our producers.

Manade Arthur Nada

Arthur Naga

Livestock breeding/FINE MEATS

Saint-Laurent-de-la-Cabrerisse, Aude

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Arthur became a breeder out of passion. He discovered the Camargue tradition in a summer camp for 15 years where bulls and horses were bred. Through the help of 'manadiers' who have been in the business for 40 years, he quickly learned the tricks of the trade. His cows and bulls with their typical horns walk in freedom and in the open air. This way, the cattle enjoy the varied landscape and the wild nature all year round. That is why the animals are fed grass and hay and are not given any food supplements. Discover Arthur's work here! And taste the difference!

Fiche Tardieu Christophe

Christophe Tardieu 

FIRE GRASS producer

Belpech, Aude

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The Tardieu family expanded their cereal and cow farm into a poultry farm in 1986. The family spread out from the western part of the Aude to the Lauragais region. With each its own production such as white beans, asparagus and other crops. In this way, they supply each other with the necessary raw materials, which forms a beautiful whole today. Look at the wide range of products. Visit the many products that are made with respect and love for the animals! Taste the class here!

fiche Emmanuel Rousseau

Emmanuel Rousseau

Bio Spirulina nursery

Pradelles en Val, Aude

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Emanuel started his Spirulina production in 2014 with the conviction that things should be different. That spirulina can be produced as ecologically and 100% pure. Val de Dagne in the Aude is located in a natural area with many water sources. It is the ideal environment to establish a fully-fledged Bio project like this. Emmanuel is convinced that this is the only way to make a difference to our world. Take a look at Emmanuel's organic products here!

Fiche love la foret

Alexis & Andy

Creative mushroom farmer

 Lespinassière Minervois, Aude

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Alexis and Andy left the U.K. in 2010 for the charm of the south. So they settled at the foot of the Montagne noir in the Aude. Which is known for its eternal forests. But also the vast valleys, the wandering game and especially the enormous number of mushrooms. They have created 'Love la Forêt' for its extraordinary nature. But also to support the gastronomy and heritage of this privileged corner of southern France. It is therefore important to share their know-how with you.

Discover these natural and exceptional products that will take your dishes to a higher level!